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“We aim to preserve the fundamental principles of our land, culture, and ancestral wisdom while finding innovative ways to incorporate this profound knowledge.

Our goal is to bring together a diverse group of individuals to partake in unforgettable sensory experiences. We give back to local communities, support local art and economies. We express our creativity through various forms of art and strive to create a blueprint for a new and improved humanity. 

Lulu Luchaire
Founder and CEO

At ONDALINDA, we believe in the power of preservation, recognizing the significance of our planet's landscapes, diverse cultures, and ancestral knowledge.

Our commitment extends to making a positive environmental and social impact in our production endeavors. Environmentally, our art production teams prioritize sustainable and recyclable materials, ensuring we respect and preserve our host locations while minimizing waste. Socially, the majority of our hires are locals, spanning artisans, craftsmen, performers, and more from diverse disciplines and fields, reaching across many towns, villages, and borders.

Join us on a journey where creativity meets sustainability. ONDALINDA is where culture, nature, and human spirit unite—a celebration that leaves a lasting mark on hearts and landscapes.


Through our U.S. registered 501c3, ONDALINDA is committed to support many cultural and impact projects in the different corners of the world where we wish to leave a positive impact and vision for the future.