We're an ecosystem of our own. One that enables and celebrates freedom, self-empowerment, cultural diversity, personal growth, financial sustainability, and emotional reconnection. We believe in transcendence and the importance of art, in community, heritage, sustainability, ritualism and connectivity...in order to inspire humankind and reestablish the eternal systems that unite us. We work to provide the means to coexist peacefully in today's multicultural world: connecting every one of us through empathy, creative cooperation and awareness.
Ondalinda we operate through 3 pillars. Each has a specific purpose and together they seek, above all, to safeguard cultural richness, environmental symbiosis and interdependence amongst all living beings.

To join Ondalinda, the exclusive, invitation-only event, send a friendly email to [email protected] expressing your interest. Share a bit about yourself, including how you heard about Ondalinda and perhaps a few references if available.

Ondalinda events are held in stunning locations around the world, carefully selected to provide a blend of nature and creativity. Locations may vary for each edition, offering members the chance to experience diverse landscapes.
How can I purchase tickets for Ondalinda events?
Ondalinda is a members-only event, you will require a personal invitation in order to attend. If you are currently a member with a registered profile, you can secure your tickets via our website.

Ondalinda events offer a multisensory experience, featuring live music performances, interactive art installations, wellness activities, and more.

If you're interested in partnering with Ondalinda, please reach out to [email protected]. We welcome collaborations with like-minded individuals and organizations who share our vision and values. Let's explore opportunities to create meaningful experiences together!

Yes, Ondalinda is committed to sustainability. The organizers work to minimize the environmental impact of events by implementing eco-friendly practices, waste reduction measures, and supporting local communities.

The language spoken in Montenegro is Serbo-Croatian. You’ll hear it also referred to as Serbian, Montenegrin, Croatian and Bosnian, which is almost the same language with a few regional differences. Most people you’ll come into contact with will speak at least some English, especially those who regularly work with tourists, such as restaurant staff, hotel employees and guides.

The currency in Montenegro is the euro. We recommend taking out euros upon entry to the country.

Montenegro is a country in South-Eastern Europe, which is neither a member of the European Union (EU) nor the Eurozone.

A wide range of nationalities are not required to obtain a visa to travel to Montenegro including the below countries:
Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Brazil, Barbados, Bahamas, Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Paraguay, Dominica, Panama, Grenada, Venezuela, Israel, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Iceland, Malta, Moldova, Turkey, Ukraine, and more. View the full list of countries here Montenegro Visa Guide:

The event will officially begin on Thursday evening with our welcome dinner and celebration. Should time permit, we recommend coming a few days before or after the event to explore the region. Dubrovnik is a fantastic place to start or finish your trip (2-3 day stay is recommended). The Aman Santi Stefan has just reopened and you can find many beautiful accommodations around this area. With stunning beaches and hikes to explore, this is a fantastic place to base before or after the event. If you are coming by boat, set sail down Croatia’s coast to explore the endless beaches and islands awaiting your discovery.

Cash and credit cards are accepted in most establishments however, we recommend bringing extra cash should you wish to hire a boat, partake in water activities, and for any incidentals.

If you are staying outside of Portonovi, we recommend hiring a speedboat to take you around. While renting cars is an option, traffic in the summer is often harsh due to the country’s infrastructure. Moving by water is the fastest and most convenient way to get around. Complimentary transportation will be provided to all official Ondalinda events to and from Portonovi marina.

There are several boutique hotels surrounding Portonovi. Should you be interested in alternative accommodation options, please reach out to our partner Adriatic Concierge at[email protected].

Montenegro is just as safe as any other popular European tourist destination. While some minor theft does occur in high tourist areas, there is no need for special precautions.