A universal image,the wave represents harmony as well as momentum; it symbolizes advancement and catharsis. At Ondalinda, the beautiful wave suggests a new way of life. A way for people to interconnect on a deeper spiritual level. An experience designed to elevate personal frequencies, a goal best accessed by a gathering of tribes - or individuals - whose energies, when combined spontaneously, can lead to personal breakthroughs. The metaphysical magic created by large or 'tribal' gatherings is something widely missing in our post-modern lifestyles. Without them, it grows harder for humanity to co-create its future; without them, mankind's evolutionary nature is confined to the limited boundaries of the individual. The result is poor, compared to the boundless capabilities of the collective - and the byproduct is increased separation and disharmony.

Ondalinda was created in the belief that we're better off together than alone. Ondalinda is a community, a space for like-minded individuals, to come together and meet at the intersection of art, music, and consciousness. The wave effect we seek to generate - be it a 'human wave' or an ocean swell breaking on the shore - also embodies the idea that even a human collective reaches its zenith at some point and when it does, we're wise to look beyond ourselves and beyond our kind...and to seek out the laws of Nature for the guidance we require. It's no coincidence that the Ondalinda experiences are held in some of the most beautiful places on the planet and is very largely inspired by Nature’s sacred geometry.

At Ondalinda, we create and produce our own unique and out-of-this-world festivals and experiences. Our signature event, Ondalinda x Careyes in Mexico, has hosted many editions since its initial one in 2016 bringing together a curated and aspirational group of people from around the world for a 5-day celebration.

At each of our editions, Ondalinda has told beautiful stories through carefully curated, multi-sensory and sustainable productions. We work with local artists and talent to create art installations, wellness activations and versatile music line-ups.

From California, Cuba or Mexico via Montenegro or South of France, and soon Asia and Africa, the Ondalinda members gather in unique, coveted corners of the world. The Ondalinda group is now also developing sustainable, art-focused community-led real estate projects such as eco-luxury villas, boutique hotels and farm-to-table restaurants in some of our favorite destinations (Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco.)

Outside of our events, the Ondalinda Foundation (a registered 501c3 in the U.S.) continues to support cultural and artistic initiatives worldwide. Visit the IMPACT page for more information.